Lawn Care

A good looking and well maintained lawn can help increase your curb appeal, ultimately boosting your overall property value. Alongside value being added to your property, a lush and manicured lawn can add overall beauty to your home. Our entire team takes great pride in the top-notch services they provide, allowing you to sit back and relax while we perfectly execute any and all lawn care. No matter if you have a commercial or residential property, Judah’s Lawn Care Service will tackle it all. Contact us today to set up your future lawn care service with us in Pinellas County, FL, and all surrounding areas.

Tree Trimming

The easiest and most affordable way to add visual appeal and maintain your property is through professional tree trimming. Our top quality tools and equipment will ensure that your trees will be properly trimmed while your surrounding property and foliage remains unharmed. Trimming your trees frees up space for strong branches to grow out while generally increasing your trees lifespan, being that it doesn’t have as many small minor branches to nutritionally support. So if you’re ready for your trees to look healthy and in shape again, call our  team now and book an appointment for your next tree trimming service in Largo, FL, and every encompassing area.


With so many variations in mulch these days, our team is sure to find the right one specifically for your garden and budget. As a team of expert gardeners, we will inform you of everything you need to know about mulch and why it is needed for your landscaping. Not only does it add a beautiful visual element to your yard, it helps retain the moisture in the soil for your plants. With moisture retention, your plant will rarely become parched of water, being that the mulch has created a water reservation system between the soil and the bottom of the mulch. Your greenery can then establish good and solid roots, creating a solid foundation for your yard and garden’s plants. We’re always looking forward to mulching a client's yard because we’ve seen the benefits it can produce over time and we wish to be able to show you the same. So call us now and ask for a free mulchin estimate for your landscaping in Seminole, FL, and any neighboring city.

Leaf Removal

Although leaf removal can seem like a quick weekend task, there’s no need to sweat it out hunched over a bag scraping dead leaves into it when our team can come out and get it done quickly and efficiently. Take back your free time and ask about our affordable leaf removal services. We can take a look at your yard, its dimensions and size, and quickly assign the appropriate amount of team members needed to clean up your yard in no time. No one likes a beautiful yard or landscape cluttered with leaves. Let our team help you by revealing the beauty you have in your own landscaping today with the help of our leaf removal service in Clearwater, FL, and any nearby area. Ask us for a free estimate; we’re eager to work with you today!

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